MCSC – it doesn’t have to be complicated

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MCSC – it doesn’t have to be complicated

It’s been 18 years since the introduction of the Mining Charter Scorecard (MCSC), and companies are still facing challenges in the submission process to the DMRE.

Even people with years of experience in the industry will find that achieving compliance with the Charter can be a mammoth task comprising hundreds of smaller steps, each with its fine details.

These reporting challenges face your internal teams:


When we talk to our clients about the primary problems they encounter in submitting the MCSC report, it is evident that they find the charter submission confusing. They add that there’s no clear template that can be used as an industry standard, which leads to inconsistent year-on-year reporting.

Data submission

We have also found that mines often have independent reporting systems between departments. This creates a logistical nightmare for the team compiling the required data, leading to data input errors.

Knowing that your Mining Charter should align with the Mines Labour Plan adds internal pressure on divisions and team members. The failure to submit an accurate report may lead to a Section 93 notification, and the subsequent potential disruptions in mining operations are a heavy burden for companies to bear.

The teams we worked with also found that the data they were asking for was submitted intermittently and in haste, usually due to managers and leaders finding it to be an onerous task. Often the data received would need various cycles of confirmation and updating before final sign-off, which added to the stress and frustrations of the team.

How we help

Many mines have similar challenges, but it need not be a complicated process with the correct tools in place. By implementing our cloud-based software platform, Insite, your social performance data is housed in one spot, making it easier to extract the results you need and saving you valuable time and resources. Because of its multi-level access, you can also control and manage user access to sensitive information.

Human Resources and Human Resource Development

We recently integrated the Employable Active Population (EAP) statistics into our algorithms, which makes it a highly effective tool for managing your Employment Equity implementation and reporting. With Insite, you can turn your payroll data into actionable workforce information that enables planning, best-practice workforce management and reporting on diversity and localisation (labour-sending areas) for Employment Equity, B-BBEE, SLP, MCSC and ESG reporting requirements.


Insite autogenerates your Mining Charter Scorecard, including all the required implementation reports. In addition to the MCSC reporting, Insite provides procurement practitioners with insights into spend patterns, top suppliers according to various criteria, and local spend reports. Insite can manage your supplier database with the required details for MCSC and B-BBEE reporting, including hosting a portfolio of evidence to ease B-BBEE audit processes.


MTS offers a holistic compliance service. We guarantee that your transformation plans (SLPs, MCSC and B-BBEE) will be compiled by an experienced professional and efficiently implemented and reported on using bespoke technology.

Contact us at for more information or to book a demo. We would love to hear from you.



When we established Managing Transformation Solutions (MTS) in 2009, our dream was to make a difference. To help ease the socio-economic transition in South Africa through our expertise in the Mining Industry, assisting our clients to invest their resources (time,...

MTS the Changes

MTS the Changes

When we established Managing Transformation Solutions (MTS) in 2009, our dream was to make a difference. To help ease the socio-economic transition in South Africa through our expertise in the Mining Industry, assisting our clients to invest their resources...


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